About Us


Who we are

We make it our passion to ensure clients and tenants take priority in all our decisions. We provide personal care all who wish to work with us and ensuring Michigan City continues to thrive with great people and great opportunities.

Ashley Smith

Administrative Assistant

Horace Douglas

Marketing Coordiantor

Our Services

We provide a wide array of quality care to our tenants and up to date analytics to our clients regarding their property.

Personal Assistance

The advantage of a small team means you will not have to deal with a machine. We value your time and make sure your needs are met.


We strive to ensure our clients  are advertised on all the channels we have available.


While your brand is in our care we make sure we supply you with an update of your analytics via Google Analytics so you know just how much traffic your site gets and from where.


We are always one call away so no matter what problem you may have, we will try our best to rectify it in a timely matter with information coming back to you so that you never feel out of the loop. 

How We Work



Our team makes sure to always consult one another regarding clients.  Because we specialize in different fields we bring to the table a wide variety of different perspectives and out of the box solutions. 



While we work as a team we also make sure that the client is always in the loo. We make sure they are always notified of a solution.



Nothing is left to chance and we make it our goal to ensure a resolution is always in your favor. 

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